Steven Ettlin

User Interface Designer

As a User Interface Designer, I am passionate about creating simple, clean, and intuitive user solutions. My background as both a front-end designer and back-end developer has given me the ability to look at a project from different perspectives, which allows me to effectively communicate with both designers and developers alike. I have experience taking a project from the concept to completion, creating all UI/UX deliverables (wireframes, user flows, mockups) and providing direction to off-site development teams. I feel that one of my greatest strengths is my attention to pixel-perfect detail without losing sight of the big picture.


Metagenics Checkout Process Redesign

Objective: The goal for redesigning the checkout pages was to streamline the checkout process, allowing customers to more easily purchase products online. The result was a single-page checkout screen with a review and confirmation page.

Process: Through User Testing our team determined that too many users were abandoning the checkout process. We decided that streamlining this process from 5 to 3 pages would provide a clearer and quicker checkout experience. We also determined that offering free shipping would pull more orders through to completion. These upgrades led to a 30% increase in online sales.

Bariatric Advantage
Website Redesign
Mobile Design
Envy Salon
Website Redesign
Feature Update


Metagenics, LLC (May 2013 - Oct 2015)

Lead User Interface Designer

My primary focus at Metagenics was on the design and strategy of eCommerce features aimed at increasing online sales and enhancing the overall user experience. I was responsible for the creation of all UI/UX deliverables in the form of wireframes, mockups, and functional spec documentation. I provided direction and communication of all design requirements to our off-site development team and presented new design concepts to company stakeholders. I led the design and launch of a mobile application, which has become a key tool used by our sales force for new accounts. I was also responsible for the design strategy of all email marketing communications to ensure brand integrity across all digital platforms.

Marriott International (Aug 2012 - Present)

Graphic Designer (Contractor)

As a contract graphic designer for Marriott, I am responsible for the design and layout of promotional materials, maintaining brand specifications across multiple properties.

Distribution13 (Mar 2010 - May 2013)

UI Designer | Web Developer | Content Coordinator

Wearing many hats at Distribution13, I was responsible for all creative materials, both digital and print. I designed and developed our company B2B website, offering a customized portal for clients to view inventory, sales, and ad dollars in real time. I also developed custom CMS website for clients, along with the design of all product packaging and print materials.